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The Ocean at Night v2 by l2ainbird The Ocean at Night v2 by l2ainbird
I was easily distracted and slacking off on my homework and work-work, and this is what happened. I was just going to try pixeling a bird, but that ended up looking like a splash of water (WTF?), which led to more splashes and a rock. Then I basically think OMGNEEDSADRAGON, and thus, here it is. It turned out almost exactly as I pictured in my mind (although I wasn't originally going to give it wings). I was also going to make it sunset-y, but I had already colored the water, and liked the colors I chose. :3 Although, to be honest, got got dizzy/almost threw up from making this, as for some reason I chose colors too similar to each other to work with. @_@
So, this is the first thing I've done entirely in MSPaint (normally I make my pixels transparent in Photoshop). I ended up having ten seperate files for this in case I messed up. It's 80x80, so I can't use it as a dA avater unless I crop it, sadly. Oh well, I'll use it for LJ or SJ. *shrugs* The dithering of the background was actually rather relaxing, after I figured out how I wanted it to look. And the water, although a pain at first, was actually really fun. I actually like all of this. I feel I've really improved on shading and scenery (like how the rock (hopefully) looks somewhat wet?) Although I'm thinking I should add stars to the sky. Opinions?
Also, I suppose you can use this for whatever, as long as I'm credited or linked back in some way, and it isn't edited. Well, if I tell you specifically that you can, that's fine, but... yeah.

If you actually made it through that long comment, have a cookie. :cookie:

EDIT: Sorry that this shows up in any watch boxes again. I added stars to this. What do you think? I also added a random title. xD
Hakunaro Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your drawing skill at MS Paint is really good. ^_^
The water just looks fine.
Stars would make the pic better too. ;)
l2ainbird Featured By Owner Oct 17, 2007
Thank you! That makes me really happy, as I only recently figured out how to use it right.
I'll try adding some; thanks for the imput. :3
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October 16, 2007
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